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Dallas PIT Crew (Practice Interview Team)

PIT Crew Card (Practice Interview Team)

The PIT Crew offers panel interviews by Zoom video conference.

The PIT Crew is a group of hiring managers who volunteer their time to provide realistic practice interviews to those in job transition. Our goal is to build the candidate’s confidence that they can tell their story well in an interview situation and we do that by providing a personalized interview experience based on a job description and resume selected by the candidate. Candidates are encouraged to practice as many times as it takes to build their confidence.

1) To schedule an interview, submit a Resume and Job Description to the email address above. The Job Description can be any job you see and are interested in.
2) Also let the team know when you are available. Let them know your schedule 2-3 days out. 
3) In the email, let the team know what stage you are in the interviewing process.
The session will last about 1 hour and 15 minutes (interview, feedback, and Q&A). You will also get a copy of the recording to review.

Do not wait till you have a real interview! Practice today! "Practice Early, Practice Often"

LOOKING for volunteers - If you have been a hiring manager, volunteer with the PIT Crew to conduct panel interviews. If you are interested...send an email to the above address. 

ONE-WAY interviews - The PIT Crew also offers a one-way video interview. Send an email to the above address if you are interested.
A one-way video interview is a brief video recording that you send to employers to help with their screening process. Within this video, you typically answer a few preselected interview questions or follow a prompt. Unlike a typical interview, you are only talking to your camera. You do not get instant feedback like you would with a real-time interview with an employer. While this format can be challenging, you can also benefit from the fact that you can rerecord your video.

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